2022 LEAP Challenge to Accelerate Education Solutions

Deadline: 17-Jun-22

Interested in applying to be a LEAP (Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote) fellows to accelerate education solutions? LEAP Fellows are education researchers and social entrepreneurs looking to support education organizations and advance evidence-based education solutions across the world.

LEAP peers education organizations with a team of expert researchers and social entrepreneurs – LEAP Fellows – who lend their best-in-class expertise to the organization for a 12-week part-time sprint (a “LEAP project”), providing them with tailor -made solutions to strengthen the evidence base of their product, program, or business model and scale effectively.

Selected LEAP Fellows will attend a LEAPathon event where they will meet with newly-selected project host organizations, participate in mentorship and project refinement sessions, and be matched with a team of Fellows and a host organization. Fellows will collaborate with the organizations between 6 to 16 hours a week each for the duration of the sprint.


Selected LEAP Fellows will attend a three-day LEAPathon event where they will meet with newly-selected project host organizations, participate in mentorship and design thinking sessions, and be matched with a team of Fellows and a host organization. The 12-week project sprints will kick off in two waves: one wave will begin in October 2022 and another will begin in February 2023.

As a LEAP Fellow, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your field of study to high-impact social challenges and help strengthen evidence-based education solutions across the world;
  • Network and collaborate with other LEAP Fellows, industry professionals, impact partners and leading development organizations;
  • Increase your professional visibility by working on critical, timely projects with leading education innovators and enhance your CV;
  • Supplement your income with interesting, meaningful projects and participate on a schedule that is flexible to you.
What is the role of a LEAP Fellow?
  • Fellows are staffed on a project with 1-3 other LEAP Research or Social Entrepreneur Fellows and work part-time (6-16 hours per week for 12 weeks) to address the project host’s challenge. Fellows use their shared expertise to create strategic assets for the organization such as product roadmaps, strategic plans, or research frameworks and agendas.
  • When not staffed on a project, until the Fellowship period comes to a close in June 2023, Fellows will be invited to participate in virtual network engagement opportunities with the LEAP network in order to share their expertise, reflect on the LEAP experience, and learn from the wider cohort of education and impact experts.

Duration: The Fellowship is a 12-month engagement, with higher and lower periods of activity depending on when the Fellow is staffed on a project (October – January or February – May).

Eligibility Criteria

They are seeking two distinct profiles for the LEAP Fellowship:

  • Researchers: LEAP Research Fellows should have completed their PhD and have expertise in the learning and development field and have at least one year (and up to 10 years) of post-degree experience as an active researcher in a related area.
  • Social Entrepreneurs: LEAP Social Entrepreneur Fellows should have completed their Masters/MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, Social Innovation or a related field, or have held a leadership role in an entrepreneurial venture (for example, as a founder or co-founder) . Applicants should have at least 3 years of professional experience and a strong interest or experience in the general learning and development field.

For more information, visit LEAP.