Sub-Saharan Africa Programme

Partners : UNESCO
Number of fellowships given : 15 doctorates and 5 post-doctorates
Individual fellowships amount : €10,000€ for doctorates & €15,000 for post-doctorates

Requirements :
• Pursuing studies leading to a Ph D degree or having obtained a Ph D degree in the following scientific fields: formal sciences, life sciences, environmental sciences, physical sciences, engineering and technological sciences
• Being from one of the 48 countries of the programme
• Enrolled in a doctoral Institution and/or working in a research Laboratory/University or Institution out of the 48 countries
Top 3 selection criteria :
• Excellence of the academic records : including number, quality and impact of the publications, conference presentations, patents…
• Scientific quality, innovative nature of the research project and its potential application
Launch year : 2010
Number of fellowships given to date : 68

Next call for application : 25th February 2019
Deadline : 29th April 2019
Date of ceremony : 21st November 2019



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