Our strengths

1. Working with local communities
Since its formation, the Centre has developed capacity for re-granting, sub-granting and reaching out to small, informal and often times hidden communities with the potential for impacting on development and change at the community level. The Centre has the capacity to identify the most strategic stakeholders within grassroots populations, to monitor, mentor and provide supportive supervision of their micro projects at community level and to distill and document best practices and success stories from their work.

2. Building capacity for advaocy
The dRPC collaborates closely with strategic agencies and builds sustainable partnerships to design and implement advocacy in RH/FP interventions. The Centre has developed advocacy capacity building training manuals targeted at civil society and to political office holders. The dRPC also has a core group of master leadership trainers skilled in participatory training methods for advocacy in RH/FP. The Centre has M&E expertise in tracking, documenting and disseminating advocacy experiences.