HIV/AIDS work at the dRPC

19HIV/AIDS represents a core area of dRPC’s early work in the mid-1990s. At that time the dRPC was engaged in program design, national policy development and monitoring and evaluation. It was only in the 2002 that the dRPC commenced direct project implementation in HIV/AIDS. Currently, the dRPC builds capacity for HIV/AIDS program implementation through CSOs, it facilitates technical training and study tours of health providers in HIV/AIDS and conducts high impact leadership development trainings in HIV/AIDS. Some of the dRPC’s work in this area include:

HIV/AIDS NGO Assessments and Sub-granting

  1. Assessment of 350 NGO applications, selection of 21 CBOs from 20 states and capacity building and sub-granting to implement sub-projects, under HAF 1, NACA/World Bank, 2003-2004
  2. Assessment, capacity building and sub-granting to 160 NGOs for Reproductive health-HIV/AIDS projects under LDM Project funded by the Institute of International Education (IIE), West Coast Office, California, 2002-2010

Country program development for HIV/AIDS interventions

  1. Supported the UN/LDP in HIV/AIDS project by providing master trainers from the dRPC’s LDM program, adopting modules and replicating trainings, 2008
  1. Recruitment and short-listing of 300 staff (Clinical, Medical, M&E, Administrative, Accounting, Program, PMTCT) for FHI to facilitate the start up of the Pepfar Project under the supervision of the then Chief of Party, Mr. Jim Ross
  1. Supported the development of the CIDA Junction Town project by conducting the baseline assessment of high risk groups, national response, facility preparedness and CSO capacity of 14 junction towns in Nigeria, 2003-2004
  1. The dRPC provided one of the 5 experts who development the HIV/AIDS Emergency Action Plan for Nigeria, HEAP, National Action Committee on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS/Policy Project, USAID, 1999-2002
  1. Participated in the Orphans and Vulnerable children assessment of Kano State (2001), Family Health International, FHI, USAID
  1. Conducted the feasibility assessment for the establishment of the Action Aid Office in Nigeria and developed the first Action Aid Nigeria HIV/AIDS program, 1995-96

Advocacy Work in HIV/AIDS Programming

  1. Costing of PMTCT Services Training for Senior Civil Servants from Bauchi, Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Zamfara and Sokoto States conducted by Dr. Sani Gwarzo at joint dRPC/NIPSS workshop, 2006

End of project evaluations

  1. End-line evaluations of the FHI AIDSTEC, AIDSCAP, IMPACT, projects 1997-2004

Community Empowerment and Community Assessments

  1. Community rapid assessment of community awareness and responsiveness to HIV/AIDS interventions, Anambra, Bauchi, Cross River, Edo, FCT, Kano, and Lagos states, FHI 2003
  2. Established and Coordinated the Network for Concerned Muslims on HIV/AIDS project with support from FHI, 2004-5

Leadership Development and Capacity building in HIV/AIDS programming

  1. Leadership Development for Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS, training program supported by the Institute of International Education, IIE, San Francisco, 2002-2010
  2. Islam and HIV/AIDS study tour for NGO leaders of Muslim Women’s HIV/AIDS civil society groups, implemented in collaboration with the Institute for Family Planning Research and Training, Alexandria, Egypt, 2009-2010