Organizational Development Consultant, International Development


Nathan Associates is partnering with the Government of Liberia (GOL) to provide technical assistance, capacity building, and mentoring support on economic policy to various government ministries and entities, civil-society organizations, and academic institutions—particularly, the University of Liberia (UL). In this context, Nathan Associates seeks a consultant with expertise in organizational development—focused on academic programming—to develop a strategic plan and implementation plan for establishment of a Development Studies program at UL. The consultant will provide services to the Graduate School and other entities at UL, as needed.

As short-term technical assistance, the consultant will report to the Nathan Associates Chief of Party (COP) in Liberia. The consultant will also coordinate with project and UL technical leads and advisors in producing analysis necessary to execute the scope of work.

Job Description:

Inception Engagements:

  • Hold initial meetings with UL and project technical teams to discuss expectations and assignment scope.
  • Conduct a desk review of relevant documents, including but not limited to, the Development Studies Anthology; university capacity, structure, and approval process documentation; literature on existing university programs at undergraduate and graduate levels; etc.
  • Gather lessons learned from students, faculty, and other stakeholders involved in the USAID-funded Development Studies seminar—identifying the gaps, prospects, and plans for full degrees and/or diploma programs.
  • Develop an inception report outlining key objectives and a methodology for the completion of consultancy deliverables, including a draft outline of the strategic plan.

Feasibility Study:

  • Conduct a feasibility assessment for a Development Studies program—including a proposed one-year intensive executive master’s and a two-year master’s in Development Studies—while also assessing the viability of potential undergraduate, diploma, and certificate programs, as well as the sustainability of said programs. This will involve consultations with a broad range of stakeholders, including potential students and faculty, policymakers, civil society, academia, the private sector, and donor partners.
  • Collect relevant data and identify gaps in related development studies and economic policy courses that could feature in the Development Studies program(s).
  • Conduct focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Provide detailed notes on these meetings to be used for informing program and curriculum development.
  • Determine the possible options and potential phasing of certificate, diploma, and master’s degree programs, including course content and credit requirements for each.
  • Assess the most optimal institutional arrangements for where the program would be housed.

Strategic Plan Development

  • Develop a strategic plan and implementation framework to inform formulation of a phased approach for a Development Studies program, beginning with a one-year intensive executive master’s program, and assessing whether subsequent phases could involve a two-year master’s, undergraduate, diploma, or certificate program(s).
  • Incorporate capacity strengthening needs within the university to promote full development of a Development Studies program and implementation plan.
  • Identify and outline processes and areas (with basic synopses) for proposed concentrations, degrees, and other offerings to inform post-strategic-plan curriculum development,
  • Provide cost estimates for the phased implementation framework.
  • Conduct a validation of the strategic plan among key stakeholders.
  • Provide a final strategic plan and implementation framework.


  • Master’s degree or above in relevant disciplines (e.g. Economics, Education, Development Studies/Management, Business & Public Administration, Social Sciences, or related field).
  • Minimum 7 years of work experience.
  • Experience in organizational development, especially in corporate strategy and strategic plan development in training and academic institutions.
  • Experience developing course content for academic degree programs.
  • Experience conducting feasibility studies, stakeholder consultations, and desk reviews.
  • Excellent knowledge of procedures and processes for strategic plan development and implementation.
  • Familiarity with academic institutional development in Liberia or a similar context.
  • Knowledge of project/program development and implementation.
  • Situational analysis and problem-solving skills, as well as critical data collection and analytical capabilities.
  • Strong communication, presentation, and report-writing skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
  • 5+ years experience working in an academic setting.
  • Knowledge of, or familiarity working for donor organizations.

About the Organization

Nathan is a private international economic and analytics consulting firm that works with government and commercial clients around the globe to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. Whether building frameworks for economic growth or navigating regulatory hurdles, securing infrastructure financing or evaluating and assessing disputes, Nathan’s experts serve as trusted partners, offering clients the analysis, technical advice, and strategies they need for sound decision-making. Known for both technical and service excellence and with corporate offices in the US, London, and India and more than 40 program offices around the world, we offer the following five areas of expertise, honed since we opened our doors in 1946:

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