• Kano Office: Sultan Road, Nasarawa G.R.A. Kano. | Abuja Office: Lumsar Street, off Gurara Str. Ibrahim Abacha Estate.



Judith Ann Walker

Team Leader

Dr. Walker provides overall stewardship and guidance to the PAS team, coordinating partnerships at the strategic level and reporting on project progress and course correction. She supervises the team, interpreting and stepping down expected standards of practice. She ensures that all project policies, manuals and operating practices for finance, project management, monitoring and evaluation are implemented.

Yahaya Hashim

Organizational Advisory

Dr. Hashim ensures the smooth alignment between the PAS project and dRPC’s operating systems and practices. He joins the PAS team to advise on congruence and harmonization of systems and practices especially between the Abuja and Kano offices. He reports to the Board on organizational development.

Hassan Aliyu Karofi

Communications Specialist

Mr Karofi is a leading communications expert in Nigeria who joined the PAS team in 2018. He is the communication backstop in  the PACFaH@Scale project, strengthening the project’s visibility and brand. He also provides strategic communication support to NGO sub-grantees to develop information, education, communication and behavioural change materials directed at primary and secondary target audiences..

Dr Stanely Idika Ukpai

Technical Officer

Dr Stanley Ukpai a Medical Doctor with clinical and public health experience and training provides blend of high-level monitoring and evaluation, and programming strategic support to sub-grantee NGOs on the PAS project. He mentors, supports and is a leading member of the technical team working to ensure sub-grantee success at project implementation.

Abiodun Fayemiwo


As the Accountant of the PACFaH@Scale project, Mr Fayemiwo is the Chief accounting officer responsible for day-to-day financial management of the project. Mr. Fayemiwo ‘s functions includes forecasting, managing and effecting  disbursements and keeping the accounts  of  the project.

Mustapha Asimiyu Kolawole

Sub-Grants Manager

Mr Kolawole is responsible for supervising the fiduciary functions of sub-grantees on the PACFaH@Scale project. He supports and supervises sub-grantee grants in conformity with the project’s standard accounting practices and the Financial Manual. He leads on the training of Accounting staff of sub-grantee NGOs and coordinates the disbursement and reconciliation of  subawards.

Funminiyi Amos Akanbi

Logistics Officer

Mr Akanbi plans, organises and coordinates all transportation and accommodation arrangements for all consultants, sub-grantees and staff of PAS. He supervises the office security and ensures the efficient day-to-day running of the organization’s physical assets.

Theresa Ezeoma

Administrative Officer

Ms Uzeoma provides administrative support to the PAS project, working with the Accounts team to coordinate, plan for  and activities of the dRPC as anchor of PAS. She also plans for all trainings and is the principal coordinating officer for the PACFaH@Scale  NGO Resource and Training center.

Hana Annette Hashim

Human Resource Administrator

Ms Hashim  translates the strategic and tactical goals of PAS project into HR operational plans and activities. She supports the dRPC and sub-grantees to recruit talent, conduct performance appraisal of staff, design training programs, and policies to retain and develop the best talent in NGOs as a third sector.

Zainab Mukhtar Maidabino

Communications Assistant

Ms Maidabino assists the Communications Specialist – Mr Karofi to discharge key backstopping functions in media and on-line presence of the project. She carries out on-line research, supports the updating of the project’s website and manages the storage bank for videos and photos. She develops content  reporting on activities and trainings in particular.

Senior Technical Officer  (Vacant) Aminu Suleiman

IT Assistant

Umar Ahmed Umar

Legal Advisor (Compliance and anti-lobbying)