Routine Immunization

Routine Immunization

PAS actively participated in the development of RI Finance Country Strategy featuring the appropriation of 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) in 2018 federal budget for provision of basic healthcare. The PAS project supported the GAVI Transition Plan. PAS CSOs (APHPN, WIM, CCRHS and NNNGO) were incorporated as members of RI working groups and also functional members of the States Emergency RI Coordination Centers (SERICC) in Kaduna, Kano, Niger and Lagos States. In 2018, PAS NGOs monitored the implementation of the 2018 CIP and participated in meetings to develop the 2019 CIP in Kaduna and Niger States.

Expected Project Achievement by End of Project.

The 2 investment primary outcomes of the PAS project for Routine Immunization are:

1) Supported the implementation of Country RI Finance Strategy.

2) Supported the implementation of a country RI financing strategy with emphasis and inclusion of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund from the 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund by 2022 at the State level. A total of 9 investment intermediate outcomes are to be achieved over the life of the project supporting the GAVI Transition Plan and government ownership. A total of 13 investment output are expected to be achieved to attain the investment primary outcomes. The PAS project aims to strengthen champions in the executive and legislature to support the implementation of the GAVI Transition Plan.