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About SLaB II

The Grand Change Canada (GCC) follow-on project was funded by Saving Lives at Birth in 2014 to implement yet another innovative project which aims at building the capacity of a core group of Islamic Opinion Leaders to train health  providers/administrators on the correct Islamic precepts on:- 1) family planning/child spacing; 2) being attended by male health workers; 3) facility based antenatal care and delivery; 4) allowing neonates and children to accept polio and routine immunization;  and 5) on age of marriage.

This follow-on phase of the project is informed by the basic assumption that the health seeking behaviour of women and men accessing services and the health providing practices of health workers in local communities in Northern Nigeria are affected by misperceptions and incorrect information about what is permitted or not permitted within Islam.

Over the life of the project,

  • 71,880 clients received counseling on MNCH services and Islam by the trained providers in 15 Month
  • 15 ISOLs trained in TOT (12 Katsina and 3  Jigawa)
    141 Health Providers Reached (136 Health Providers and 5 In-charge of the target facilities) and 193 Junior Providers (Pre-service Students)
  • The Ministry of Health, Katsina state Muslim Community School of Health Technology in Katsina has agreed to teach the Islamic morals and principles in relation to health care service as non-credit course as it cannot be taught as credit course without the prior approval of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
  • The Katsina state Primary Health Care Development Agency has agreed to consider the introduction of Continuing Education Program at the Agency that will serve as a coordinating centre for the training of students and staff working at health facilities in the State.
  • Recommendations were made to the Katsina State Primary Health Care Development Agency and the Katsina state Ministry of Health has agreed to introduce a course on Islamic Morals and Principles in relation to health care service into the curriculum, as non-credit course, of training Health workers in the state

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