Fund Management

Fund management for effective programming

The dRPC has 20 years of experience in fund and grants management of international development partner investment in Nigeria starting with the design and management of the MacArthur Foundation Nigerian NGO Capacity Strengthening project of 1998 to the our current portfolio of projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The dRPC has managed funds for donor agencies with head offices in Nigeria as well as for international  development partners with no presence in Nigeria such as the 10 year Leadership Development Mechanism for Reproductive Health and Family Planning of  the IIE.
Our long experience in fund management enables us to design, award, and manage funds to donor funded programmes through local change agents and civil society organizations which are authentic, committed to change but sometimes lacking in capacity to be direct primary recipients of donor funds. We work with local partners in an adaptive fund management model to ensure transparent, ethical and results focused programming. 
We work with a range of partners, from small to large CSOs, to ensure ethical and transparent fund management, through an adaptive model to award competitive and single-source grants, mini-grants, purchase orders, task orders and some donor-customized engagement instruments.  Fund management by the dRPC is guided by principles of risk mitigation for donor funds; results-based-management; the maximization  of value for money (VFM);  sustainability;  and accountability.

# of CSOs receiving sub-awards through dRPC fund management