Governance and Management


dRPC Board Chairman, Professor Eghosa Osaghe with Member of Advisory Board, Professor David Ehrhardt.

The dPRC has 5 Core staff members whose tenure does not depend on the availability of project funds. These staffs are responsible for record keeping and institutional development; with a minimal level of effort on existing projects. All other staffs are project staff engaged through 1 or 2-year renewable contracts. All project staffs are engaged through competitive and open recruitment and selection process driven by a search for talent; social commitment and respect for diversity.

The dRPC’s current management plan and structure is guided by its Strategic Plan (2010-2020) developed by Management Consultancy Firm – Advanced Management Technology Solutions. The Board of the dRPC is currently Chaired by Professor Eghosa E. Osaghae. Other members include Modupe Adefeso-Olateju (Ph.D.) Dr. Musa Ibrahim.

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