Kaduna PAS coalition track FP budget during COVID-19

Kaduna PAS partners conducted family planning budget tracking in the State to determine the extent of financing for FP programs for the state. The report showed that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaduna State’s budget size was reduced by 13%,…

PAS Q1 2020 Newsletter —

1) COVID 19 Pandemic: Preserve 2020 Health Budget, dRPC- PAS partners urge FG, Sub-National gov. 2) USDG Summit: BMGF Goalkeepers organize Summit  on Family Planning

PAS Q4 2019 Newsletter

1)Funding Universal Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria: NIPSS recommendation to President Buhari. 2)PAS-sub-grantees intensify their support to Routine Immunization platforms in Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Niger States

PAS Q3 2019 Newsletter

1) MWAN and other Grantees lead SERICC advocacy desks in 4 States. 2) The 62nd NCH- Stakeholders meet to consolidate UHC in Nigeria