Democratic Values Research – MG Group

The broad objective of this research activity is to employ a Social Behavioral Change (SBC) approach to produce actionable, formative research to inform strategic messaging and narrative shifts that fortify democratic values. This activity will identify the salient global and country- specific narratives that question or delegitimize democratic values and institutions, and
legitimize authoritarianism. It will also seek to identify narratives that bolster, support and legitimize popular support for democracy, democratic values and democratic institutions.
Metropolitan Group (MG) is partnering with the development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) to conduct a (largely) qualitative multi-method/multi-source landscape research scan and analysis in Nigeria. MG is partnering with local researchers in four additional case study countries: El Salvador, Perú, Serbia and Indonesia. This activity will seek to identify trends and
patterns in the narratives that are most salient and dominant in terms of undermining democratic values or advancing authoritarianism, out of the many narratives that exist. For purposes of this activity, MG defines dominant and salient narratives as those with the greatest reach and engagement; are shown to be widely believed (in available public opinion research); and are
frequently utilized or referenced in connection to policy, political power, and wide-spread disinformation. The dominant and salient narratives identified by this research activity can either create barriers to popular support for democracy that erode the legitimacy of democratic institutions, or bolster the legitimacy of authoritarianism.