PACFaH@Scale (PAS) is anchored by the development Research and Projects Center, an indigenous Nigerian non-profit with a mission to build capacity for developing partnerships within and across the Nigerian third sector.

Welcome to PACFaH@Scale

The Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale (PAS), is a health accountability network of Nigerian civil society organizations working to catalyze national and state governments to make adequate provision for child and family health in Nigeria through evidence based advocacy for domestic financing and building champions within the executive and legislature.

Capacity Building
Family Planning
Routine Immunization (RI)
Childhood Killer Diseases (CKD)
Primary Health Care Under One Roof (PHCUOR)
Developing Champions within Government

In the media

19/04/2018Daily NigerianExpert decry Nigerian lukewarm attitude to Health sector
19/04/2018Daily NigerianHealth experts decry Nigerian Govt. lukewarm attitude over PHC
12/05/2018Development AfricaFamily planning expansion to include Community Pharmacists, Patent Dealers
30/07/2018Daily TrustFG presents guidelines on reviewed essential medicines lists.
10/08/2018Daily NigerianHealthcare personnel shortage: Task Shifting, Task Sharing policy to the rescue
11/08/2018Daily TrustExperts decry high number of unimmunised children, abandoned primary healthcare centres
21/08/2018Daily TrustKano’s Health Trust Fund gets boost as PACFaH@Scale seeks collaboration
22/08/2018Daily TrustKano to Contribute 5% IGR to Health Trust Fund
29/08/2018AITDECLINE IN 2018 HEALTH BUDGET (Inadequate Healthcare funding)
29/08/2018AITKano RI workshop
29/08/2018AITAIT: 2018 Health Budget-Experts wants allocation increased from 3.96%
29/08/2018AITAIT: Coverage of Task Shifting Task Sharing Workshop Organized by PACFaH@Scale
29/08/2018AITExperts meet on Immunization in Nigeria (ROUTINE IMMUNIZATION HIGH LEVEL WORKSHOP BY PACFaH@SCALE)
26/09/2018Daily NigerianFamily Planning: Stakeholders lament poor funding
13/10/2018Daily TrustExperts urge FG to mainstream gender in family planning policies
17/10/2018African NewspageIN-DEPTH: Stakeholders push for gender integration in Nigeria’s family planning policies
01/11/2018Daily NigerianAccountability, inclusiveness in health sector: dRPC organizes retreat for Kano OGP
01/11/2018Daily TrustExperts seek inclusion of family, child health in Kano action plan
01/11/2018African NewspageAccountability in health sector: dRPC organizes retreat for Kano OGP team
07/11/2018Daily TrustExperts urge FG to mainstream gender in family planning policies
19/12/2018AITCoalition of civil society: Considative and Innovative way of UHC
17/04/2019African NewspageLeveraging OGP Principles to Achieve Accountability in Kaduna’s Implementation of Primary Health Care Under Roof
22/04/2019African NewspagedRPC Awarded Prizes to its Health for National Development Research Fellows
29/08/2019AITKaduna chapter: PACFaH@Scale Coalition advocacy visit to Deputy State Governor
19/09/2019AITPAS Advocates discusses performance of 2019 Health Budget and its implications
04/02/2020Channels TVChannelsTV: 2020 PAN Conference on Rapid Population Growth (discussion)
08/03/2020Daily TrustWomen coalition tasks National Assembly on 35% affirmative action
08/03/2020AITWomen in PAS-International Women’s Day-Press briefing
09/03/2020Army RadioInternational Womens Day 9th March 2020
28/09/2020Daily TrustWorld Contraception Day: CSOs call on FG to support family health-Daily Trust
22/11/2020Daily TrustSolution to fix Nigerias problem,not cybercrime, gangsterism-Expert
06/03/2021Daily TrustCOVID-19: Millions Of Children At Risk Of Measles, Polio, Due To Vaccination Disruptions
08/03/202121 Century ChronicleWomen emphasize adequate funding of primary health care
08/03/2021AITCoalition Of Women in the PACFaH@SCALE Project commemorate the 2021 International Women’s Day in Abuja
12/03/2021Daily TrustProfessionals Task Govt On Women’s Health, Gender Equality
26/03/2021AITAIT broadcast: Minister of Finance with MWAN-PAS push for effective utilization-26th March 2021
26/03/2021AITAdequate FP financing as a strategy for reducing maternal mortality-26th March 2021
29/03/2021Daily TrustExperts Want Family Planning Budget Releases Tracked
30/03/2021Daily TrustCoalition Raises Concern Over COVID-19 Disruptions In Family, Child Health Services
31/03/202121 Century ChronicleFG committed to health sector funding – Minister
17/04/2021Daily NigerianPACFah@Scale organises webinar to mark 20th anniversary of Abuja Declaration on 15% healthcare budget
19/04/2021Daily AssetGroup Lauds Niger Govt. For Allocating Funds For Family Planning
26/04/2021Devex2 decades on, Nigeria falls short of landmark health pledge
30/04/2021Daily NigerianGlobal Health 2030: Absence of financial risk protection, bane of healthcare delivery in Nigeria – NIPSS
14/09/2021Channels NewsChannels News: Open Governance Structure- Fayemi, others ask for more citizens participation
25/09/2021AITFamily Planning-KNSG provide free reproductive maternal & child health services to control child spacing
28/09/2021Daily TrustWorld Contraception Day: CSOs Decry Poor Funding, Neglect Of Family Planning In Nigeria
28/09/2021BlueprintWCD – CSOs call for adequate funding, prioritization of family planning in Nigeria
28/09/2021AIT28th Sept 2021 WCD CSOs engage govt on funding of FP
28/09/202121st Century ChronicleCSOs seek adequate funding of family planning in Nigeria
14/10/202121st Century Chronicle2022: Despite threats of population explosion, Nigeria plans zero funding for family planning
14/10/202121st Century Chronicle2022: Despite threats of population explosion, Nigeria plans zero funding for family planning
18/10/2021AIT2022 Proposed Health Budget, Key players want Family Planning allocation captured
26/10/2021AITHealthcare Service – Experts advocate for more funding
01/11/2021Channels TV2022 Proposed health budget-Senate Committee faults health Ministry’s 2021 performance
07/12/2021Choice ReportersBuhari Aisha Calls For Gender Inclusiveness To Enhance Women Participation
08/02/2022Daily TrustCOVID-19: How To Tackle Challenges Of Routine Immunisation Financing
07/03/2022Daily TrustInt’l Women’s Day: Coalition Wants More Funding For Women’s Health
07/03/2022Choice Reporters2022 Int’l Women’s Day: Coalition of Women Urge Govt to Address Challenges Facing Women
09/03/2022Choice ReportersHealth Experts Urge FG To Promote Family Planning in Nigeria Through Partnership
09/03/2022AITFP Financing-Medical experts call for public/private partnership
01/05/2022Arise NewsMore Funding Needed for Immunisation
01/05/2022Daily TrustCommunity Health Practitioners Decry High Child Mortality From Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
02/05/2022AIT NewsCommunity Health Practitioners of Nigeria urge FG and State Govt to scale up funding for RI
14/06/2022AIT NewsFamily planning-Stakeholders discuss on the importance of routine immunization
21/06/2022Channels TVPopulation Management-Key players meet to discuss opportunities, threats
23/06/2022Daily TrustUnmanaged Population Growth, Time Bomb – Osinbajo
18/09/2022Daily Trust208 Steps To The Great African Renaissance Monument In Dakar
20/10/202221st Century ChronicleNigeria has 24,000 practicing doctors – NMA
21/10/2022AIT NewsHealth sector: Stakeholders move to curb brain drain, seek improved conditions
21/10/2022Daiy TrustNIGERIA DAILY: How Nigeria Is Losing Its Doctors To Brain Drain
12/11/2022Daily TrustBudget 2023: CSOs Want More Funding For Family Planning
12/11/2022Channels NewsFamily Health Planning: CSOs call on NASS to increase budget allocation
11/05/2018Kapital FMPSN-PACFaH advocates expansion of family planning services to reduce maternal deaths
11/05/2018Newsday NigeriaExpert says family planning services will reduce maternal mortality rate
21/05/2018Kapital FMPSN-PACFaH@Scale advocates improved data source, information sharing for family planning
21/05/2018Newsday NigeriaGroup calls for expansion of family planning services
12/07/2018Newsweb ExpressNews Web Express Child Spacing:Group Pledges Support for Kaduna Government
18/07/2018Governance NewsdRPC- PAS Organize one day meeting of Health CSOs on TSTS
19/07/2018LeadershipInclusion of private providers central to boosting CPR- Stakeholders
01/08/2018LeadershipPSN-PACFaH Partner to avert under 5 mortality
04/08/2018LeadershipWhy Pneumonia, Diarrhoea Persist In Nigeria
09/08/2018Nigeria Health watchLive Social media updates on RI financing
21/08/2018LeadershipKano Govt to spend N240m on Healthcare monthly
29/08/2018NTANTA coverage of RI workshop in Abuja (Routine Immunization)
29/08/2018NTANTA coverage of RI workshop in Abuja
01/11/2018Governance NewsdRPC organizes retreats for Kano OGP on accountability in health sector
05/11/2018Nigeria Health watchAccountability And Inclusiveness In The Health Sector: DRPC Organizes Retreats For Kano OGP
07/11/2018LeadershipCSOs Strategise To Bridge Health Delivery Gaps In Kano
08/03/2020NNNInternational Women’s Day: Coalition tasks govts on emergency transportation to pregnant women, children
08/03/2020GuardianCoalition urges FG to end harmful practices against women
09/03/2020LeadershipWomen Group Urge Govt To Address Barriers To Achieving Gender Equality
26/09/2020Nigeria Health WatchPAS CSOs call on government to support family health in Nigeria in commemoration of WCD- Nigeria Health Watch
29/09/2020NTACoverage of WCD by NTA sponsored by PACFaH@Scale project-NTA
12/12/2020Nigeria Health WatchFederal Government will implement recommendations of NIPSS on Population Growth and Human Capital Development – President Buhari
08/03/2021NTANTAs Good Morning Nigeria-International Women’s Day Part 2-don’t select
08/03/2021NTANTAs Good Morning Nigeria-International Women’s Day Part 1-use
08/03/2021Nigeria Health WatchPress Statement by the Coalition Of Women in the PACFaH@SCALE Project as they Commemorate the 2021 International Women’s Day in Abuja
Post author
By Nigeria Health Watch
Post date
March 8, 2021

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8t
31/03/2021LeadershipFG Restates Commitment To Child Spacing, Health Sector Funding
17/04/2021Nigeria Health WatchAssessing Nigeria’s Two-Decades Spending on The Health Sector – DRPC Webinar
18/04/2021Nigerian TribuneTechnical Working Group Commends Niger For Allocating Budget Line For Family Planning
18/04/2021News GoldenFamily Planning: Group hails Niger govt for allocating Budget line
28/09/2021NTAFP-CSOs advocate improved funding
06/12/2021Nigeria Health WatchNGOs Congratulate the Buhari Administration for the Federal Ministry of Health’s unquestionable Commitment to Saving Women’s Lives
09/03/2022Global Reference PointExperts urge FG to promote Family Planning financing Through Partnership
10/03/2022Nigerian PostHealth experts urge FG to promote Family Planning financing in Nigeria Through Partnership
28/03/2022LeadershipFederal Govt Checks Population Growth With Fertility Control
29/03/2022Global CirculateCovid: diabetes linked to infection studies find
29/03/2022Global CirculatePolicymakers, CSOs Advocate Family Planning To Address Nigeria’s Population Growth
02/07/2022Nigeria Health WatchTransitioning Nigeria’s National Population Policy: From Policy to Implementation
11/07/2022NTAWORLD POPULATION DAY: Harnessing population for National Development
25/08/2022NTAdRPC-NIPSS hold dialogue to promote health governance at local level
26/09/2022Nigeria Health WatchLessons from Dakar: How Peer Learning and Capacity Strengthening of CSOs Impacts Africa’s Development
17/10/2022Independent2023 Health Budget: Group Hails FG, Ask For Improved Funding Of BHCPF
18/10/2022Head Topics2023 Health Budget: Group commends FG, ask for improved funding of BHCPF
18/10/2022ICiR NigeriaCoalition lauds FG for proposing highest budget for health since 2015
19/10/2022HTSyndicationBrain Drain: dRPC, experts, others discuss implications on Nigeria’s health sector (LIVE UPDATES)–live-updates-/65509295
20/10/2022Nairaland ForumBrain Drain Worsens: Nigeria Now Has One Doctor To 10, 000 Patients, Says NIPSS – Health – Nairaland
20/10/2022LeadershipBrain Drain In Health Sector Worsens: Nigeria Now Has One Doctor To 10, 000 Patients, Says NIPSS
21/10/2022Global UpfrontBrain Drain In Health Sector Worsens As Nigeria Now Has One Doctor To 10, 000 Patients, Says NIPSS
03/11/2022Guardian‘2023 proposed national budget for health not sufficient to improve sector’
26/11/2022NTAReducing maternal mortality: Society of Gynaecology & Obstetrics committed to achieving SDGs
20/04/2018The 247UReportsNigeria’s Poor PHC Delivery Disturbing – Health Experts
18/05/2018The GleamerPSN-PACFaH@Scale advocates improved data source, information sharing for Family Planning
22/06/2018The Eagle OnlineFG Wants States To Domesticate Essential Medicine List
19/07/2018Report NigeriaExperts brainstorm on TSTS policy
27/07/2018VanguardStakeholders call for rational use of essential medicines in Nigeria.
01/08/2018VanguardPSN links death of under-5 children to lack of life- saving drugs.
08/08/2018Premium TimesDRPC organises dialogue on routine immunisation
09/08/2018Premium TimesdRPC, experts discuss accountability in Nigeria’s Routine Immunization
11/08/2018The GuardianExperts decry high number of unimmunised children in Nigeria
21/08/2018The NationKano pledges support for Health Trust Fund at PACFaH@Scale workshop
22/08/2018The GuardianKano to contribute 5% IGR to health trust fund
17/10/2018Punch‘Family planning can reduce deaths by 30%’
02/11/2018Premium TimesCSOs hold retreat to bridge service delivery gaps in Kano health sector
03/11/2018The NationAccountability, inclusiveness in the health sector: dRPC organizes retreats for Kano OGP
04/11/2018VanguardAccountability in health sector: DRPC organizes retreat for Kano OGP
05/12/2018Premium TimesdRPC, health experts, others discuss family planning in Nigeria (LIVE UPDATES)
17/04/2019Premium TimesPlagiarism, a major flaw in research – Expert
16/07/2019TVC News1st Annual National Reproductive Health Legacy Forum-In honour of late Prof Babatunde Osotimehin
08/03/2020Premium TimesIWD: Why Nigeria should give priority to women’s health, gender equality – Group
08/03/2020The NationGender equality fundamental to improving women’s health – Group
03/07/2020PTJI, dRPCSecuring the Funding Gap for Family Planning in the Face of COVID-19
28/09/2020The NationGroup decries non-release of family planning budget-The Nation
12/03/2021The NationCSOs decry women’s lack of access to family planning, immunization
12/03/2021PunchCOVID-19 disrupted access to health services – Group
18/04/2021The Eagle OnlineTWG commends Niger for allocating budget line for family planning
19/04/2021Real NewsGroup lauds Niger Govt. for allocating funds for family planning
19/04/2021Premium TimesGroups identify Nigeria’s major impediment to meeting family planning targets
30/04/2021Premium TimesCommemorating World Immunization Week, 2021: The RI experience of the PAS Project
05/10/2021Premium TimesWorld Contraception Day 2021: Lagos, dRPC others assess commitment to family planning (LIVE UPDATES)
14/10/2021Premium Times2022 Budget Proposal: Advocates kick as Nigeria makes no provision for family planning
26/10/2021Victory NewsKaduna State Primary Healthcare Board conducted a two-days workshop on the 2022 Annual Operational Workplan Bottleneck Analysis
09/11/2021PunchBuhari asks Senate to confirm Omotayo as NIPSS DG
07/03/2022Voice of NigeriaWomen’s Day: Coalition calls for women friendly policies in the health sector
07/03/2022The Nigerian Post2022 Int’l Women’s Day: Coalition of Women Decried Challenges Faced
07/03/2022The Nigerian Post2022 Int’l Women’s Day: Coalition of Women Decried Challenges Faced
10/03/2022The Nigerian PostHealth experts urge FG to promote Family Planning financing in Nigeria Through Partnership
23/03/2022Premium TimesPolicymakers, CSOs advocate family planning to address Nigeria’s population growth
26/03/2022The Nation‘Fed Govt committed to birth control’
27/04/2022Premium TimesExperts, CSOs discuss vaccine production in Africa
20/06/2022Premium TimesNIPSS, policymakers discuss Nigeria’s new population policy (LIVE UPDATES)
21/06/2022The NationFed Govt tackles poverty with multidimensional index
23/06/2022Premium TimesInadequate management of Nigeria’s growing population is ticking time bomb – Osinbajo
23/06/2022Premium TimesInadequate management of Nigeria’s growing population is ticking time bomb – Osinbajo
19/09/2022PunchHealthcare funding: Don’t depend only on aid, loans, groups tell govts
06/10/2022Premium Times2023 Budget: Health gets highest allocation ever but fails to meet AU commitment
12/10/2022Premium Times2023 Budget: Health gets highest allocation ever but fails to meet AU commitment
17/10/2022Vanguard2023 Health Budget: CSOs commend FG, seek improved funding of BHCPF
19/10/2022State Flash15% budgetary allocation to health sector will curb brain drain- NIPSS boss
19/10/2022Premium TimesBrain Drain: dRPC, experts, others discuss implications on Nigeria’s health sector (LIVE UPDATES)
20/10/2022The guardianStakeholders brainstorm as human capital flight takes toll on economy
20/10/2022PunchNigeria has one doctor to 10,000 patients – NMA
20/10/2022The Nigerian LawyersBrain Drain In Health Sector Worsens: Nigeria Now Has One Doctor To 10, 000 Patients, Says NIPSS
20/10/2022The NationBrain drain: Nigeria loses 9,000 doctors to UK, U.S., Canada in two years
20/10/2022Within NigeriaBrain drain: FG, MBA decry mass emigration of healthcare professionals
20/10/2022VONBrain Drain: Nigerian Government Urged To Meet 15% Health Budget
04/11/2022The Nation2022 amended health budget: Not a good year for the sector
11/11/2022Science Nigeria2023 Budget: Advocates Demand Funding For Family Planning
14/11/2022The GuardianCoalition advocates budget for family planning
26/11/2022Trust TVReproductive Health: Gynaecologist express worry over poor family planning