PAS Analysed the proposed 2023 health budget

The President presented the proposed 2023 budget to the National Assembly on the 7th of October 2022. PAS observed it and did a quick analysis of the health budget.

A few points to note:

  1. The health budget increased by 42.6% in the proposed 2023 budget
  2. The % of health to total budget size is 5.75% which is higher than 4.76% of 2022 and the highest so far allocated since 2001 but still falls short of the Abuja declaration.
  3. BHCPF also increased by 6.92%.
  4. GAVI/Immunization budget increased by 40.9%.
  5. There is the reintroduction of an FP budget line to scale up the implementation of national FP programs but only about N20 million was allocated.
  6. The capital budget component has also increased almost parallel to the recurrent health budget component. This signals an intent by the FG.