National WEE Policy: Kaduna CSOs Coalition Group commends government for domestication

A  coalition of civil society groups working under the aegis of the CSOs coalition for the domestication of the National Women’s Economic Empowerment Policy in Kaduna State has commended the state government for setting in motion the domestication of the policy in the state as part of efforts to enhance inclusivity.

In a press conference organized by the group with the support from the development Research and Projects Centre, dRPC, the group, described the  socialisation of  the WEE policy as the first step towards bridging the gender ga in the state.

Chairperson the group, Dr Bilkis Yusuf, who is also the Chief Executive Director of the Centre for study and resolution of domestic violence, CERSDOV, disclosed that women constitute 50% of the Kaduna state population and have contributed significantly to its social, political, and economic development since its creation.

‘’We would like to begin by commending the Kaduna State government for inaugurating the 12 member committee to implement the domestication process for the state and  We also commend the government in its continuous conscious effort to enhance women’s economic development as the history of the state shows its effort through resource provision and opportunities recently made available to small and medium business owned by women in the state.’’  She said

She then call on the committee to ensure they focus on the carefully selected approaches in the WEE policy which include the use of data, innovation, advocacy, properly monitored implementation and evaluation processes and weed out man made challenges that have proven to stand against the progress of women in the economic and the state in general.

‘’We urge all key stakeholders in the state to be open-minded to this policy and take ownership to ensure its implementation and sustainability. Our gratitude goes to a coalition of civil society groups on the domestication of the national WEE policy, which is supported by the Development Research Project Centre, dRPC, for counting the state worthy of the support, and we assure them that Kaduna state will deliver its mandate beyond expectations. She added

Membership of the CSO coalition

The CSO coalition comprises 19 women-led civil society groups in Kaduna State. It has faith-based membership, Community based groups, gender-oriented CSOs, Women empowerment groups, girls and children groups, and several NGOs working on WEE and gender in the state.


  • A WhatsApp group to be opened for the CSOs partners TWG
  • A Chairperson to lead the committee to be selected
  • Monthly meetings of the group to be held to follow up with the progress of the committee
  • Quarterly media briefing to be held