A physical Space Analysis (FSA) Dissemination meeting attended by donors, government agencies, and BMGF grantees working in the FP space in Kaduna state discussed policy issues and challenges facing FP in the state. CHAI supported the one-day meeting, which sought to equip key policy and decision-makers with the most current and up-to-date information about the state’s FP fiscal space and get stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and strategies to achieve Kaduna State’s goal of improved and sustainable training for FP.

The event, which took place in Kaduna, was attended by officials from the state’s primary healthcare development agency (KDPHCDA), the state’s contributory management agency (KACHMA), and other agencies of the Ministry of Health. donors present include BMGF, PERL, LAFIYA, and CSOs working on FP such as HERFON, FHANI, PPFN, etc.

The highlight of the meeting was the following: –

  • Disseminate the findings of the FSA report.
  • Identify how additional resources can be unlocked for the financing of FP commodity.

Earlier, a presentation on FP’s background, Kaduna State context, research methodology, state financial highlights, prioritization, and external financing and financial projection was presented by officials of the KDPHCDA.

At the end of the meeting, the following recommendations were made as follows.

  • To reach out to traditional and religious leaders and encourage them to use the findings for high-level advocacy to the political hierarchy.
  • Organize training for members of TWG to enhance their capacity to use data to defend FP prayers to Govt. officials.
  • Organize engagement meetings with the private sector to encourage their participation in the funding of FP commodities.
  • Collaborate with the Medical Women Association for high-level advocacy to Govt. official.

PAS coalition says that the recommendations if implemented, will positively impact the state’s FP and improve its financing.