PAS subs support validation of 2021 proposed health budget for Kaduna State

The Kaduna State Ministry of Health with support from PAS sub-grantees in the State conducted its MDAs Budget expenditure validation meeting on the 19th August 2020, with a view to validate all MDAs 2021 budget proposals before the Budget Defense committee.

In her remarks, the State Commissioner of Health, Dr Baloni, described the validation as a necessity to ensure adequate and people-oriented budget that covers the health needs of the people is presented as the 2021 proposed health budget. After commending dRPC-PAS coalition for supporting the ministry to conduct the validation meeting, the Commissioner challenged participants to look critically at all MDAs proposed budget to ensure they align with the state’s strategic development plans.

The nine MDAs under the State Ministry of Health are, State Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA), Kaduna State Contributory Health Management Agency (KADCHMA), Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital (BDTH), Kaduna State Birau of Drugs Users and Substance Abuse Agency (KADBUSA), Kaduna State Drug Supply Management Agency (KADSMA), Shehu Idris College of Health & Technology Makarfi (SICHST), KADSACA, Ministry of Health, and College of Nursing and Midwifery were invited to present their draft 2021 budget based on the envelope given to them for observations, discussions and

recommendations before the defense of ministry’s budget at the State House of Assembly in the coming week.

The MDA’s presentations:

The entire health budget was reduced by 50% due to the reduction in revenue caused by Covid-19. Three out of the MDAs exceed their ceilings. KADSACA’s capital budget of N13m was grossly inadequate, while the recurrent amount budgeted for sensitization was low irrespective of the drop in the State’s indices on HIV/AIDs.

KACHMA’s 2020 budget of 430m was revised to 206m, which was released in four trenches. This affected the coverage of vulnerable persons stipulated in the act establishing the authority. Since the commencement of the scheme, only six (6) LGAs have been reached with issue of weak sensitization across the State. It was also noted that the ceiling given to KACHMA was 680m compared to what was in the act.

KADBUSA’s poor recurrent allocation of 1.2m for mobilization and sensitization as against concentration on establishing more rehabilitation centers in four regions in the state was noted. With regards to CON&M, allocation to colleges distributed for similar items should be grouped into one code.

SPHCDA exceeded its ceiling. Work has started on the new set of 255 PHCs for renovations, with only few to be completed in the initial 255. However, adjustment will be made to ensure that each ward has a standard and well equipped PHC. The need for a holistic renovation and procurement of equipment etc. in one contract was identified, and budget for renovation should come first followed by equipment.

PAS subs observations

Mal. Mustapha Jumare, IIGES-PAS made some observations on the budget for renovation of the second phase of 255 PHCs. He observed that some of the 255 PHCs renovated in the first phase were not up to standard and were not equipped. Also, no budget line item captured the upgrading of the existing 255 PHCs in the proposed 2021 budget. KADSMA should review their Budget proposal as it was not properly organized and is inaccurate.

Other issues raised during the validation meeting were;

  • Poor allocation to the State’s health MDAs in the 2021 proposed budget.

  • The revised 2020 budget was one billion but the envelope given for 2021 was N430 million naira. Amount allocated to the agencies was too small.

  • N1billion was allocated for 2020, but little was released

  • The revised SPHCDA budget for 2020 was N5.86 billion, but the envelope given for 2021 was 3 billion.

After the presentation by MDAs, the Hon. Commissioner for Health, Dr Baloni commended the MDAs for the job well-done and urged them to be mindful not to exceed the Budget ceiling. She urged them to critically detail their proposals to avoid cancelation during the State’s budget defense. Line budget should be specific and reasonable so that it will be accepted. She then thanked and commended the dRPC-PAS for supporting the Ministry and urged all MDAs to effect the proposed changes before the budget harmonization and defense committee sits.