PAWED Collaborates with WIMBIZ to Host their 21st Annual Conference Theme: Firing Forward: The Future in Focus

Background –WIMBIZ- (Women in Management, Business, and Public Service) conducted its 21st Annual Hybrid Conference, which drew over 2,000 attendees from Africa and around the world. The WIMBIZ 21st Annual Conference marked the organization’s transition to the next phase while challenging delegates to leave legacies beyond themselves, embrace innovation and collaboration in their careers and businesses, and be motivated to lead meaningfully. PAWED hosted a panel of four (4) seasoned professionals and major industry stakeholders in a plenary session on “visionary women: sparking transformation.“

PAWED panel – The panel discussion focused on how women may initiate, maintain, and expand the change that significantly affects business and leadership. The session discussed the requirements for success in the social sector and how female entrepreneurs in Nigeria can be placed to create long-lasting impacts for women. What are the essential ingredients for nation-building success, and how do women get involved? Furthermore, what the motivation for women entrepreneurs should be?

The presentation focused on the necessity of developing a society that encourages the advancement of women and girls. Because women’s economic empowerment is so important, there is a need to create a forum where women can regularly use dialogue, mentor one another, and find male champions who will put women’s issues on the front burner. Although there are numerous obstacles, we can advocate for the prioritization of finances for WEE through collective voices.

Outcomes – PAWED increased the salience of WEE in government and the private sector.

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The event took place on the 4th of November 2022