PAWED trains 115 young women in advocacy and communication in WEE

Background -The National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Federal Ministry of Women Affairs parastatal, in collaboration with PAWED, the National Association of Female Builders, and Procter and Gamble, organized a 1-day Advocacy and Communication Training to build the capacities of 115 young women learning trade skills. The training was to develop their ability and skills to advocate for better opportunities and funding for themselves as part of women’s economic collectives. The NCWD now recognizes the importance of advocacy and communication as part of the curriculum for women and girls following a previous PAWED investment to include this as part of their training curriculum.

The workshop’s objective was to increase the knowledge of 115 young women in advocacy and communication as part of their broader skills development program.

The training methodologies were participatory and practical, utilizing presentations, the group works, and functional role plays of advocacy visits as curled from the training manual for NCWD developed by PAWED.


PAWED has institutionalized advocacy and communications as part of the NCWD’s curriculum. Rapid evaluation findings revealed that 115 young women increased their knowledge in advocacy and communications, understanding how to advocate for improved training opportunities for WEE and access to funding.

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