Study Tour to Egypt on Health Mobilization and Advocacy in Muslim Majority Communities

Seven Members of Keccoh and one dRPC person went on a ‘Study Tour to Egypt on Health Mobilization and Advocacy in Muslim Majority Communities’. They were hosted by the Egyptian Family Planning Association’s Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health. The goal of the study tour is for the Kano Emirate Council Committee on Health (KECCoH) members to appreciate the role of government, non-governmental organisations and traditional institutions in creating demand for improved maternal and child health services in a Muslim Majority setting (in this case Egypt) and to learn from their experiences. The tour involved two distinct components:

  1. Capacity building and training activities
  2. Meetings and Educational visits:

The later included training on Advocacy and Mobilization, Training Session at the International Islamic Centre (IIC) on population studies and challenges of development, Social Change and Communications training, as well as training on Gender and on Reproductive Health. Educational visits were organized to Al-Munawary PHC center,  a government run Rural PHC center. There was also a Visit and participant observation of the Muslim Family Planning association Damanwur where the delegates spent the day in the rural community discussing and witnessing activities. The participants also visited Their Emminence the Grand Shiek AL-Azhar and the Grand Mufti where they exchanged information and got advice on the duty of Muslim Leaders and Communities to ensure Maternal and child health as well as the education of girls and gender justice.