Women and Girls

The dRPC mainstreams a focus on women and girls in all its development projects. The dRPC’s gender analysis of social and economic data from official data-sets such as the Nigerian Demographic Health Survey and the Central Bank’s Statistical Bulletins presents the evidence of the under-class and disadvantaged position of women and girls in both modern and traditional domains of Nigerian society.  We therefore work toward gender equity to redress the inequitable position of women and girls in formal employment; in the informal sector; in politics; and as decision making actors in development platforms. To implement this position, the dRPC specifically supports women and girls focused or led CSOs; we also work to build capacity for gender analysis in development projects; and engage government officials in our executive focused capacity building programs around issues of gender analysis and gender audits of government programs.  The center currently supports girls working  as teachers in their community early childhood development projects and has conducted advocacy visits to the Federal Ministry of Education  on gender main-streaming of National Education Policy. The Center has also designed and implemented trainings on Gender based budgeting with the support of the European Union, Support for Reforming Institutions Program for the Center for Management Development and the then National Planning Commission.