AANI-PAS Engages Lagos State Ministry Of Budget On Q1 Health Budget Performance

The Alumni of the National Institute (AANI), a sub grantee of the PACFaH@Scale project, engaged the Lagos State Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget to track first quarter health budget allocation for 2021 as part of efforts to ensure timely releases for effective healthcare delivery in the state.

The PAS health budget tracking is done quarterly to understand the percentage releases through the year. AANI-PAS is currently collecting data to track the budget performance for the period.  Follow-up and validation discussions were held with our budget focal contact Mr. Baruwa Basit, Deputy Director, Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget on Q1 health budget performance to produce the Lagos state health budget performance analysis. 

The objective of this meeting was to measure the health budget performance and to evaluate advocacy efforts on government’s health financing. Findings from the assessment of health budget performance in QI 2021 revealed that only N1,163,514,074.43 (3.6%) out of N31,954,176,814.00 that was budgeted has been released for health and the releases for Q1 health releases are yet to be disaggregated.

Outcome of this meeting was to validate the budget data and although the releases are yet to be disaggregated, the health budget performance for Lagos state’s Q1 2021 is poor.

AANI-PAS is following up to provide the disaggregated data for Q1 2021 health budget performance.

Next Steps

AANI-PAS to schedule advocacy meetings with the Commissioner for Health and Governor of Lagos State.