Aid Localization & Development Finance Effectiveness

At the dRPC we have pioneered and led conversations on localization in the Nigerian development programming space. For the dRPC, localization is not a buzz word, neither is it tokenism. We have been consistent in our commitment to advancing a localization agenda in Nigeria by strengthening local civil society organization (CSOs) to demonstrate their competence, sustainability and comparative advantage in delivering cost effective development programs when compared to INGOs and/or IPs. We have also intervened, by supporting the development of country development strategies of development partners, offering strategies, approaches and models for downward accountability and engagement of local groups, especially non-traditional groups led by women, youth, community and traditional leaders.  At the dRPC, we know that for development to be sustainable, local NGOs must be strengthened and their capacities built. This is what motivates us to conduct research on the value of aid localization; to invest heavily, over the last 30 years on building the capacity of 1,054 CSOs and over hundreds of CSO leaders in various fields of health; education; economic empowerment with gender and climate change as cross cutting.

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