NERICC: PAS Coalitions Continue To Participate And Contribute To RI Policy Implementation At National Level

PAS coalition groups working on Routine Immunization at the National level continue to participate and contribute on implementing policy to promote routine immunization across the country.

Some of the discussion during the period under review are:

  • Finalization of the SOPs for RISS, Update on integrated RI-NPSIA Micro plan: composition of the team, Comparison of REW micro-plan processes, RI-REW micro plan template, consideration for tools modification. Population target for individual vaccines. Update on states mitigation plans using the Q4-2000 PAPA-LQAS result in improving poor performing LGAs States specific vaccine forecasting parameters for 2022.
  • Consistent report of vaccine stock-out during the conduct of both fixed and outreach sessions conducted was supervised during the reporting week. All states exceeded the 40% threshold for measles wastage rate while 9 states reported a 70% or less BCG wastage rate.
  • There was a decline in the overall number of children immunized across all selected antigens (BCG, Penta1, Penta3and measles) when compared to the previous week.
  • Update on meeting with GAVI- 2021-25 Strategy to Leave No One Behind with Immunization: approach to reaching zero Dose, under-immunized children and missed opportunities through GAVI grants and discussion on application in the Nigerian context.
  • Update on integrated RI-SIA micro plan. Update on states mitigation plans using the Q4 2020 PAPA-LQAS result in improving poor performing LGAs.
  • Update on the MICS/NICS and BHCPF team, Update on RISS SOPs/checklist upload on ODK server. Data triangulation by AFENET in collaboration with NPHCDA, NCDC, FMoH, CDC. Update on next steps from CHAI PHC study (NERICC, NEMCHIC, PRS) and NLWG update on status of RI vaccines available in-country.
  • Weekly update on RI-SMS-Overall reporting rate based on the conduct of either fixed or outreach session was 52% when compared to 60% in week 18. This was an 8% decline when compared with the previous week. This decline might be associated with the recent salah break. Overall, 71% and 59% of planned fixed and outreach sessions were conducted during the reporting week. Niger states had <505 reporting rate based on conduct of either fixed or outreach session also Niger state had least reporting rate (2.1%) during the reporting week. 
  • Only Kano state had 80% or greater reporting rates based on fixed or outreach sessions conducted, there was an increase in the proportion of HFs that conducted fixed and outreach sessions compared to week 19. Kaduna and Niger states had 50% or less reporting rates based on conduct of fixed or outreach sessions conducted. There was poor conduct of daily fixed sessions across most states in week 20.


Feedback from states on sub-optimal reporting and vaccine stock out

  • On low reporting, 
  • Suboptimal conduct of supportive supervisory visits and Data quality around vaccine doses open remains a major issue across all HFs in the states. 


  • State Desk Officers to investigate and provide feedback to NERICC on vaccine stockout, BCG, HBV, Measles, Yellow fever.
  •  NERICC leadership to engage all states

Key issues discussed during OIRIS sub-group meeting


EPI work plan prioritization and integration template: current situation, key interventions, key outputs, expected outcomes, impact Zero dose data- where are the zero dose children in Nigeria. Summary of prioritized activities with timelines

  • Update on the MICS/NICS and BHCPF team
  • Update on next steps from CHAI PHC study (NERICC, NEMCHIC, PRS); ACMS update on Zamfara CE roll out/final tools for printing.
  • Update on review of RISS tools.
  • Update on states mitigation plan using Q42020 PAP-LQAS results in improving poor performing LGAs.
  • Update on integrated RI-SIAs micro plan, Presentation on integrated RI-SIAs micro plan Presentation on updated ToC.
  • NLWG update on the status of RI vaccines available in-country, Population target for RI/coverage age targets for individual vaccines. Integrated 2021 EPI work plan: -prioritized activities proposed for 4 thematic areas.


Next steps 

Obtain feedback from the team to update TOC, prioritized activities for2022, support the review and finalization of detailed work plan and Identified root causes of low demand for RI service (Fish bone and Problem tree models) and recommendations for interventions to improve uptake


Contributions of PAS-CSOs accepted/implemented by the platform at the end of the month


Participation as member of the service delivery team/OIRIS team of NERICC, Participation in the lock-down meeting of NERICC members to review the GAVI 5.0 strategy for adaptation to the Nigerian situation in addressing zero dose, under-immunized and missed opportunity children. Suggestion for the greater attention to be focused on HCWs attitude to parents/caregivers of children as well as vaccine stock out and lack of daily fixed sessions major contributors to xero dose, under-vaccinated and missed opportunity children in Nigeria

Part of a team of NERICC members assigned to oversee RI activities in some states and suggested for consideration of a greater portion of money allocated to BHCPF to go to the PHCs and for incorporation of more than one PHC as is currently the case in order to deliver health care services to the greater population of Nigerians residing at the grassroots a successful reality.