PAWED  Collaborates with  Awita to Host a One-Day Sensitization Program for Women Traders in Economic Development

Introduction: PAWED partner is hosting a sensitization workshop on gender-based violence in the marketplace as part of the ongoing 16 days of activism against gender-based violence as well educate the market women on advocacy and communication to policymakers.

This is scheduled for the 9th of December 2022 at Dutse Modern market, one of the largest markets in the nation’s capital city.

AWITA hopes to leverage these market women to advocate for change in the behaviour towards women in the marketplace and to educate the women to become advocates for WEE by calling on the government to continue investing innovatively in women to ensure that they take center stage in shaping decisions that affect them as consumers, business owners, managers, and SMEs in the economic sector.

The expected outcome of the sensitization workshop: To increase knowledge and awareness of gender-based violence in the marketplace and advocate for change and increased funding for SMEs from the MDAs and in the 2023 budget for WEE.