Climate Action at the dRPC

dRPC leads in climate action in Nigeria’s 3rd sector

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The dRPC recently adopted climate action as new programming area to be mainstreamed across all our bodies of work.  The dRPC will now anchor our interventions around the intersectionality of climate adaptation and development programming in public health; safe schools and girls’ education; good governance; aid effectiveness; and women’s economic empowerment. Intersectionalities between climate action and development programs at the dRPC are tackled in our research; our CSO capacity strengthening; our policy advocacy messaging; and in our development programming.

We are pioneering our new focus on climate action in our body work with women in the agricultural sector the foundation of which is women’s vulnerable to climate change impacts, a situation compounded by gender inequities, poor access to information, finance and technology. The dRPC argues that women’s groups and networks can play a crucial role in climate change adaptation (CCA) in agriculture, and across all other sectors. In collaboration with the Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA) and the Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA), the actively monitor the implementation of the National Action Plan on Gender and Climate Change for Nigeria and the National Climate Change Policy. Through the dRPC’s BMGF funded project, the Partnership for Advancing women Empowerment in Development (PAWED), (2021-2023), the dRPC has partnered with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture on capacity building of women farmers on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. The PAWED programme increases the salience of women’s economic empowerment with national and state government ministries, and in doing so builds the adaptive capacity of women’s farmers and strengthens their climate resilience.  The dRPC has also facilitated policy dialogues between stakeholders in climate change adaptation in agriculture, including women’s CSOs and policymakers from Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry of agriculture at the 2023 National Council Meeting of Women Affairs.