FP Budget: PAS  coordinates BMGF partners to advocate to the Legislature

The Partnership for Advocacy in Child and family health at Scale coordinates PAC Grantee partners’ efforts on policy advocacy on the inclusion of family planning in the 2023 proposed budget.

As part of this strategy, PAS convened an update and planning virtual meetings with fellow Grantees (7th November 2022) to share updates and plans for the next steps.

Following this, PAS commenced the engagements targeted at the legislative, specifically the Senate and the House Committee on Health. PAS worked with and through the National Advocates for Health who themselves are champions of health. PAS collaborated with other policy advocacy Grantees ASG, LISDEL, and others led by the National Advocates for Health to conduct an advocacy visit to the Senate and House Chairpersons on Health on the proposed 2023 health budget on the 9th of November 2022.

Both the Senate and House Committee Chairmen confirmed the FP funding gap but also noted that the tight fiscal space was responsible, and the government isn’t prioritizing family planning funding. They also noted that the FMOH was also not prioritizing FP given that they submitted the package sum they did.