Open Access to Primary and Secondary Data on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Early Marriage in Northern Nigeria for Researchers

Data collection in the Consortium project

Over the 27 months of the project – Building Collaboration, Partnerships and Political Commitment to Delay Early Marriage and the Onset of Childbearing in Northern Nigeria – the development Research and Projects Center (dRPC), supported the three implementing NGOs, the Girls Child Concern; Girls Child Education; and the Isah Wali Empowerment Initiative, to collect baseline, midline and endline data and also engaged independent researchers to evaluate specific components of the project. The 3 NGO partners of the project were trained in participatory methods in data collection while the independent assessors applied classical scientific research methods. By the end of the project over 300 interviews were conducted by the NGOs, the dRPC and the independent assessors. Research around the end of project evaluation in particular generated 118 transcribed interviews accessible to the research community.

End of project evaluation interviews available to the research community

A total of 118 respondents were interviewed in the project communities in which the NGOs worked. IWEI worked in Ajingi LGA of Kano state; GCE implemented its component of the project in Giwa and Zaria LGA of Kaduna state; and GCC in Igabi LGA of Kaduna State. The distribution of respondents included 60 direct beneficiaries of the project (the adolescent girls); 34 community leaders involving traditional and religious leaders; 13 community members involving parents, teachers and youth groups; 8 government officials at both state and local level and the three implementing NGOs. Download the full Report