PAWED to Collaborate with NFNV to Organize a Press Conference on the Absence of WEE Funding  in the 2023 Budget in Kano and Lagos

PAWED partner New Faces New Voices has organized press conferences in Kano and Lagos on the absence of funding for WEE in the 2023 budget in Lagos and Kano states. New Faces New Voces is an organization of professional women in business and finance mobilized to promote change in the financial sector to ensure Nigeria benefits from the untapped economic resource represented by women.

They advocate for investing innovatively in women to ensure that they take center stage in shaping decisions that affect them as consumers, business owners, managers, and leaders in the financial sector.

The objective of the press conference: To advocate for change and increased funding in the 2023 budget for WEE and challenge the financial sector stakeholders in public and private to set bold goals to be achieved by 2023, changing, in a significant way, the landscape of access to finance by women and fast-tracking women’s leadership in the financial sector.

The press conference took place on the 5th of December 2022