Gender Norms and Bias Among Male Politicians- ODI-Align Research

This research focuses on how gender norms underpin male-politician bias in the selection/appointment of women in Nigeria. It seeks to explore how gender norms affect women’s participation, control, and experiences in Nigerian government institutions and decision-making at both national [Federal] and sub-national [State and Local Government] levels. The study will apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify the gender norms that prevent women from actively and substantively participating in the Nigerian political system at national and sub-national levels. It will also examine how these norms support male-politician bias in selecting women for appointment to positions at the national and sub-national levels. Additionally, the study will describe the variations in women’s representation in appointment positions at the various levels of government. It will look at the under-representation of women in Nigerian politics from the perspective of the women who have made efforts to break the glass ceiling, whether successfully or unsuccessfully. The study intends to provide insightful information beyond the identification of impediments.” The timeline for implementation is from January to September 2023. This research is funded by ODI ODI is an independent, global think tank working to inspire people to act on injustice and inequality through research, convening, and influencing. ODI leads thinking and agendas to deliver transformational change and create a global sense of resilient, just, and equitable prosperity.”