supported by the FIGO Leadership Development Initiative grant funded by the BMGF



The dRPC is implementing a subgrant from the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecologists of Nigeria (SOGON), supported by the FIGO Leadership Development Initiative grant funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Nigeria.
The project aims at improving maternal and newborn health outcomes through advocacy and improved care, supporting national efforts to be the flagship voice for women’s health within Nigeria through strategic national advocacy and increased uptake of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of post-partum hemorrhage (with tranexamic acid) and preeclampsia/eclampsia (with Magnesium Sulphate) from 2022 to 2025.

The leadership development initiative grant will enable SOGON to address the competing priorities needed to improve women’s health and well-being in Nigeria, as the proposed practice changes are critical to improving maternal and newborn health outcomes. As a result of this grant, SOGON aims to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and sustain national efforts through the uptake of interventions championed effectively by leaders at the forefront of healthcare delivery. Nigeria is one of six national member societies, including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India (Bihar and Uttar Pradesh), Kenya, and Pakistan.
The dRPC is providing leadership, management, and advocacy support to develop the skills of SOGON’s subnational leadership. The aim is to enable them to influence health, political leaders, and government officials and promote clinical practice change. This will involve imparting knowledge of best practices, equipping them with the latest evidence relevant to Nigeria, and enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with their target audiences. Ultimately, this will help SOGON expand collaborative efforts and ensure the initiative’s long-term success.