Youth and Women

The dRPC’s core values of inclusion and concern for beneficiaries positions the organization as a primary advocate and technical service provider for women and youth concerns. Given that gender is a cross cutting issue, the dRPC factors in women and girls into all its programming areas. We have developed gender analysis tools and approaches applicable to the design, monitoring and evaluation of all interventions. The dRPC works to develop innovative intervention designs in which the concerns and interests’ women and girls are incorporated as beneficiaries.

Since its formation in 1994, youth has been an important demographic for the dRPC. Recognized as an underserved, under-represented and marginalized constituency, the dRPC’s strategy has consistently been to support youth through a youth empowerment program implemented through three programming streams – 1) capacity building for youth professional and civil society associations; 2) leadership development, career guidance and training opportunities for youth; 3) expanding economic empowerment opportunities for youth through skills acquisition curriculum development, training and facilitation micro-funds for outstanding youth leaders. Some of our milestone youth empowerment programs have been:

1.       Sub-grant and support for Society for Adolescent and young people’s health in Nigeria, (SAYPHIN) to convene and host award ceremony for young researchers working on youth solutions to public health and public policy issues:

2.       Capacity building support, scholarships and training for the Young Professionals in Public Health a subsidiary of West African Institute of Public Health, (the “waiph’s ypph”), 2019-2022

3.       Sub-grant, capacity development by engaging a legal firm for registration, and training of for the management team of the Nigeria SDG network  –