Call for West African Researchers and Research Teams – Gender based violence (GBV)

An independent research non-profit which produced the Mapping of Child Marriage in West Africa,,  with funding from Ford Foundation in 2013, is currently calling for researchers and research teams to conduct an update study of gender-based violence across the West African sub-region. Researchers and research teams can be independent professionals or in researchers affiliated to Universities or non-profits. Both the independent researchers and research teams must have an interest or proven publication or programming track record of working on gender-based violence in the West African sub-region, with particular emphasis on sub-regional cross-themes. In all, cases the independent researchers and members of research teams must demonstrate: training in social sciences or medical research; past publications (both peer reviewed or non-peer reviewed) on gender-based violence; and for teams there should be at least one female team member.

Interested and qualified applicants are invited to submit CVs of the individual researcher apply or in cases of research teams, the CVs of all team members, clearly indicating the designated team leader. In addition to the CVs, a  5-page concept note must be submitted. The concept note must address the following:- justification for selection the GBV issue or problem; the population affected and driving forces; situation of the issue/problem within the current global GBV literature; the proposed methodology; primary and secondary data sources; considerations of how the research will be conducted in the context of Covid-19; expected findings; and an indicative budget between US$10,000.00 and US$20,000.00. The concept note must be submitted to: on or before 25th December 2020.  Please indicate the title of the concept note in the subject of the email submission.