dRPC-PAS Collaborates With WACSI on Capacity Building for CSO Managers – June 2021

Given the context of Covid-19, the development Research and Projects Centre collaborated with the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) to support CSO management staff in sub-grantee CSOs to continue to strengthen their capacity by attending on-line training programs to address performance gaps identified in the recent mid-term assessment. The four WACSI run Virtual training Courses are: 

  1. Governance and Leadership;
  2. Project Management;
  3. Financial Management; and 
  4. Communicating Impact

These training modules are specifically designed to strengthen the skills of participating organisations staff and their governing structures to play their role more efficiently and effectively.


Each of the 4 training programs were delivered on two occasions in the course of 2021. The first round of trainings is scheduled for March, the second in June 2021. Each of the 4 training programs were delivered in two virtual sessions of 3 hours each over a 2-day period.

  1. Governance & Leadership: Participants would be taken through critical elements like governance, leadership, board governance, strategic planning, internal conflict management, human resource development and many others. This will help participating organisations to strengthen their governance structures, leadership and management abilities for enhanced performance and sustainability.
  2. Project Management: This module covers project management essentials and the different stages of the project management cycle namely Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Evaluation, Closing and Sustainability. Participants will further be introduced to a range of cloud-based project management tools and apps including Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, Zoom and how these tools can enhance project management.
  3. Financial Management: The module will improve the ability of the participating organisations to enhance their organisational effectiveness and to enhance the knowledge and skills of their staff in financial reporting. Using prime examples and templates, participants will be taken through principles of financial management in NGOs, resource planning and budget management and grants reporting. The training would also cover how to approve budgeting, how to fulfil donor reporting requirements, curating, and generating data and evidence for financial reporting and auditing.
  4. Communicating Impact: This module will focus on how to amplify impact and the different mediums through which impact can be communicated. The training will enable organisations to better identify, capture, communicate and amplify the impact and results they are making for greater visibility and reach. It will also explore the nexus between results-based communication and communicating impact.



Organization Governance and Leadership 21st – 22nd June 2021

  1. Francis Ohanyido – WAIPH
  2. Maj Gen Obashina OGUNBIYI – AANI-PAS
  3. Hafsat Kolo – AMKASS-PAS
  4. Salisu Yusuf – AMKASS-PAS
  5. Dr. Lilian Ekwem – MWAN-PAS
  6. Elizabeth Joe – PPFN – PAS
  7. Halima Ben Umar – WIM-PAS
  8. Aminu Babangida – GIWAC-PAS 


Project Management 24th – 25th June 2021

  1. Seyil Gushe – WAIPH-YPPH
  2. Mr. Olusegun ABRAHAM – AANI-PAS
  3. Dr. Mininim Oseji – MWAN-PAS
  4. Khadija Mustapha – IIGES-PAS
  5. Aminu Ado Yakasai – MWAN Kano-PAS
  6. Mr Victor Dafe – SOGON-PAS
  7. Suwaiba Abdullahi – GIWAC-PAS


Financial Management 28th – 29th June 2021

  1. Joseph Attah – WAIPH- YPPH
  3. Hassan Ibrahim Gama -AMKASS-PAS
  4. Abbas Rufai – FOMWAN-PAS
  5. Hadiza Ali Muhammad -MWAN Kano-PAS
  6. Mr Wilson Ogah – SOGON-PAS
  7. Mr Chibuke Amaechi -PHSAI-LAWG


Community Impact Training 1st – 2nd July 2021

  1. Chidinma Kalu -WAIPH-YPPH
  2. Munir Elelu -PSN-PAS
  3. Faith Iluobe Eromon – PSN-PAS
  4. Mayowa Adeniran – Media Advocacy for Public Health
  5. Bilkis Abdulraheem Lawal – Media Advocacy for Public Health
  6. Dr Mrs Ajoke Ashiru – Interfaith Public Health Advocacy Lagos (IPHAL)
  7. Rev. Joe Ihitegbulem – Interfaith Public Health Advocacy Lagos (IPHAL)
  8. Mr Abiodun Ajayi – Public Health Sustainable Advocacy Initiative (PHSAI)/Lagos State Advocacy Working Group (LAWG) Life Planning for Adolescents and Youth (LPAY)
  9. Elizabeth Oladipo – PHSAI-LAWG
  10. Damilola Ademuyiwa: LISDEL
  11. Philip Akoso: LISDEL
  12. Demola Irinoye: LISDEL
  13. Sani Ochepo – dRPC-PAS
  14. Baba A Shehu – CCRHS-PAS

Outcome – The dRPC strengthened the capacity building of CSO manager to improve their organisational capacity to do good work in the development sector for Nigeria.