GIWAC-PAS Supports TWG To Review Implementation Of FP Activities; Commences Data Collection

In a bid to ensure accountability, transparency and good governance in the health sector, GIWAC-PAS provided technical support to the child spacing technical working group and ensured they convened the child spacing sub technical working group meeting on 29th April, 2021. 

The aim of the meeting was to review the level of implementation of Family Planning activities in the first quarter of 2021 from the state 2021 Annual Operation Plan. 

Findings from the AOP revealed that the state has conducted training of 70 Health Care Managers on Post-Partum Family Planning (PPFP) from state government funds, conducted Last man distribution of FP commodities with the support of Saving One Million Lives; conducted ISSV to train PPMVs in the state supported by IntegratE. 

The meeting also discovered that few activities are yet to be achieved, and this includes – conduct quarterly PIT meeting for 15 team members to improve SRMNH, airing of jingles on SRH/FP on TV stations, and one-day quarterly FP/RH review meeting with 23 LGA RHC, partners and stakeholders to review feedback on monitoring visit, OJT and other issues.

Meanwhile, the Kaduna PAS coalition has commenced data collection on family planning financing and policy implementation in the state. Partners have completed the development of checklist and orientation meeting for the assessment on the 18th April 2021. The aim of the assessment was to determine the funding source for FP, allocation, releases and FP policy implementation status of the state. The developed assessment checklist will be administered at the SPHCB, SMOF, budget and planning commission, the state drug supply management agency.


Outcome – PAS is strengthening the state accountability mechanism through TWG platform for family planning.

Next step 

  • Follow up on the committed activities from the AOP for the next review meeting.
  • Kaduna-PAS coalition to produce narrative report on FP financing, produce FP scorecard and fact sheet.