Islam and Development

islamLocated in Northern Nigeria, the Centre has long been an advocate of incorporating Islamic opinion leaders into development program design and implementation. We challenged early approaches to integrate ISOLS into development programming in the 1990s in which they were simply used to legitimize designed and packed interventions. In the past, such interventions did not aim to build the capacity of traditional and religious leaders to make inputs into development program design, implementation and evaluation. Recognizing this gap, the centre has targeted ISOLS in  capacity building programs to expand their knowledge of development issues in order to become full participants and stakeholders. The Centre has also designed and implemented leadership development programs with a focus on ISOL to build their capacity so that they become champions of change and create an enabling environment for change inducing interventions such as girl child education and reproductive health.

Such interventions include:

  1. Leadership Development in reproductive health for religious and traditional rulers, Activity 2, implemented in Niger, Sokoto and Zamfara States, USAID funded, 2009-2010
  2. The Network for Concerned Muslims Advaocy intervention to Traditional and Religious Leaders in Kano State. A Faith Focus approach to HIV/AIDS, 2003-2004, Family Health International