Kano Coalition Tracks HMOU Progress, Support Extension Meetings

The Kano PAS coalition participated in tracking the action points to report and document best practices, assess the level of implementation on the agreed action points and disseminate findings from the documented best practices on the reviewed HMoU as part of efforts to improve primary healthcare delivery in the state. The tracking revealed that 12 actions plan in the MOU were achieved, while 3 others are ongoing.

Some of the Health Systems Strengthening Program achieved the following since inception are: 

  • Improved monitoring and storage capacity of commodities at 6 zonal medical stores
  • Establishment of program technical working groups as well as other coordinating fora across all MDAs
  • Institutionalization of service delivery enhancement interventions including state led ISS visits, QoC strategy, Missed Opportunities for Vaccination and Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Procurement of Hilux and trucks for supervision and improved/efficient logistics movement at DMCSA
  • Commenced digitization of accounting processes at the SMoH, HMB, SPHCMB, and DMCSA
  • Conducted a complete HR, equipment, and infrastructure audit of PHCs and establishment of HRH unit equipped with an HR management Information Software
  • Procurement and maintenance of essential medical equipment and production of data monitoring tools for secondary and primary health facilities
  • Implementation of innovative technology-based referral network system
  • Recruitment of Medical Officers of Health and commencement of MSP implementation process

The findings are showed that there were some challenges with the full implementation of planned activities in the Health System Strengthening Programs, and these are:

  • Delayed provision of counterpart contribution funds by MoU parties
  • Delayed disbursement of funds to program officers due to limited funds within the program
  • Domestication of MDA implementing activities within the SMoH instead of the applicable MDA
  • Budget slashing during program budget review which results in under budgeting of key program activities
  • Non-establishment of key program indicators based on actual activities to be implemented within the program
  • Non-establishment of key program indicators based on actual activities to be implemented within the program
  • Non-inclusion of high impact activities/programs into the health MoU workplan because of funding limitation 

Some of the benefits of the Health MoU extension: 

  • Increased capitalization of the DRF scheme
  • Institutionalization of an electronic monitoring dashboard for all KPIs at health facilities and HR database in all MDAs
  • Continued service delivery enhancement interventions including QoC, MSP amongst others 
  • Increased storage capacity and security of medical stores to meet emerging demands
  • Improved performance management of medical stores
  • Establishment of cross-agency learning opportunities
  • Continued strengthening of managerial skills of staff at all levels


The Kano HMoU

Recommendation for Extension 

It was recommended that there should be iInclusion of in-state sustainable financing measures; leveraging resources for KASCHMA, KHETFUND etc., addition of other contributing partners to the Health MoU basket funds, expansion of MoU implementing MDAs; strengthen the due diligence /accountability mechanisms in all the health MDAs and automation of data management.

Next step 

  • Kano state PAS coalition will track key commitments in the HMoU and the HMoU basket fund.
  • Kano PAS coalition will track the August mid-year review on the 12th of August, 2021
  • Kano PAS coalition will support the preparation for the end of year meeting.