Kano PAS Coalition Supports Partners Coordination Meeting To Improve Healthcare Delivery

PAS coalition in Kano state continues their technical support to partners meeting designed to provide platforms for idea sharing, reviews, and coordinated approach to improving healthcare delivery in the state. The meeting, is organized to review contributions made by partners on health interventions in Kano State in line with the AOP, update the state on the level of implementation of health activities by all the State partners in the states, highlight the key challenges and lessons learnt from the interventions and to give update on the M&E framework in line with the State priorities.  

Ten partners were present at the meeting out of 40 partners working in the state.  The meeting welcome address was given by the HCH, he thanked all the partners that are investing their resources in the state to improve key health indices of the state. In the area of Health care financing, He noted that the State Governor is committed to health care financing despite funding limitations 15% was allocated for the health sector and the repositioning at the SPHCMB. Some of the key activities suggested to be incorporated into the State AOP include

Pilot Integration of distribution of FP Commodities and Consumables with DRF, Conduct Annual Policy Dialogue on FP Performance; Scorecard for Monitoring Performance of FP Funding Allocation and Releases and half yearly Monitoring reports on compliance with FP Commitments for 2021

Development of Kano state led scorecard for PHCUOR, Capacity Building on Community Mobilization and Awareness Creation for New District Heads, Bi-annual Feedback Meeting with Traditional Leaders from all the Kano Emirates; sensitization of traditional leaders on defaulter tracking and conduct refresher training of related health workers on data management and safe keeping of data tools

Next steps 

All partner activities should be captured into the AOP and ensure that all activities in the AOP are fully implemented; partners will be categorized according to the thematic areas. Support AOP development and AOP validation meetings and support the development partner activity update tracker scored.