PAS Coalition Conducts Research To Determine How Essential Health Services Are Provided By PHCS In Areas With Insecurity In Kaduna State, Develops Tool To Assess BHCPF

Insecurity in Kaduna State is having negative effect on PHC service provision according to findings from a research organized by PAS coalition in the state to determine the impact of insecurity on healthcare services.

As the State is fraught with constant kidnapping, banditry and communal violence, there is growing negative impact on essential service such as health. Residents and Health workers are no longer safe given these constant threats thereby affecting how essential health services are being accessed. 

This research is to find out how this menace is affecting the Kaduna state government tripartite PHC MoU with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Aliko Dangote Foundation in November 2018 for the transformation of Kaduna state’s primary health care system to deliver quality, affordable and sustainable health care services to the people in Kaduna state, especially targeting the community level. 

The purpose of this research is to investigate:

  • How some selected PHCs in Kaduna state have managed to maintain essential services in selected areas with insecurity to meet its 2017 commitments. 
  • What works, so as to proffer recommendations. 

This rapid research aims to explore and describe to provide insight into an under-researched but topical issue on how PHCs have managed to maintain essential services in areas with insecurity. For this, an exploratory case study was conducted using primary qualitative data from PHCs in Kaduna state. Data was collected through key personnel interviews with participants selected based on their leadership roles in the selected PHCs. The interviews were structured for all participants. 

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Meanwhile, IIGES-PAS along with other PAS coalition member developed an assessment checklist for BHCPF; the aim of the developed assessment checklist is to assess the level of implementation of the BHCPF in the state. The assessment checklist will be administered at the state level (SPHCB), LGA level (LGHA) and facility level (PHCs). The developed assessment checklist is currently being review by the implementing BHCPF pathway (SSHIS and SPHCB)

Next step

Conduct assessment to access the implementation status of the BHCPF in the state