PAS coalitions in Kano, Kaduna, and Niger states conduct assessments to determine the implementation of protocols

PAS coalitions in Kaduna, Kano, and Niger states conducted assessments to assess the level of implementation and utilization status of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal WHO recommended treatment protocol (used by amoxicillin DT and ZINC ORS). The assessment revealed non-availability HMIS registers and stock-out of Amoxicillin DT in some clinics in the states.

In Kaduna State, where a total number of five health facilities and the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, SPHCB were accessed, findings revealed that HMIS register for childhood pneumonia and diarrheal were not available at the health facilities access, WHO recommended treatment protocol (Amoxicillin DT and Zinc ORS) for childhood pneumonia and diarrheal is being fully implemented at the health facilities. Further findings also revealed the existence of a Pharmacy/Dispensing unit at all the facilities access, Availability of Zinc – LO – ORS at the facility and stock out of Amoxicillin DT, Health Worker trained on IMCI treatment protocol. SPHCDA Staff trained on the use of Zinc – LO – ORS for the treatment of diarrheal.

Additionally, the assessment established the availability of IMCI IEC materials, and  IMCI Chart booklet, however, the WHO recommended treatment protocol for IMCI is not available in facilities consulting rooms.

In Niger State, the assessment conducted in  five health facilities, and the SPHCB was access, One PHC was selected and revealed that the state has conducted training for seven hundred health workers including Doctors, Nurses, and midwives on IMCI for health workers in PHCs and pediatric unit, the existence of HMIS data in the state but not specific to pneumonia and diarrhea, non-availability of amoxicillin DT and Zinc ORS in the state Central store and there exist  no budget line item for childhood pneumonia and diarrheal / IMCI in the state health budget.

Further findings from the pediatric department of Federal Medical Center Bida shows a record of U5s treated for childhood pneumonia and diarrheal with WHO-recommended treatment protocol (used Amoxicillin DT and Zinc ORS respectively), methods used for the treatment of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal mentioned are chlorophenyl injection/tablet and crystalline,   

Furthermore, the pharmacy unit in the facility is  fully stocked with drugs but Amoxicillin DT and Zinc ORS is not available at the pharmacy unit. Also, health workers in the facilities are yet to be trained on IMCI treatment protocol, and there is no IMCI IEC materials in the facility, No IMCI chart booklet in the facility consulting unit and there exist no WHO-recommended treatment protocol for IMCI in the facility consulting room.

Further finding also revealed that IBB specialist hospital selected as one of the tertiary pediatric hospitals is not rendering pediatric treatment/services. This relay the fact that no single cause of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal is being treated in the hospital with WHO   recommended treatment protocol.


At the PHC level, finding revealed the existence of an HMIS register that captures cases of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal. Record also showed treatment of under-5 children for childhood pneumonia and diarrheal with WHO-recommended treatment protocol (Amoxycillin DT and Zinc ORS respectively), Aside from IMCI treatment protocol, other methods used for the treatment of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal mentioned are; Flagyl tablet as a remedy for anti-inflammatory Rx because of the lack of Zinc ORS. 

Meanwhile, in Kano State, MWAN-PAS were nominated and participated in the RMNCAH Technical Working Group visits some health facilities to mentor Health Workers on Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI). The visit aimed to identify Health Workers training gaps in treating Childhood Illnesses, assessing the performance of Health Workers trained on IMCI to ascertain advocacy issues regarding CKD and RI in the health facilities. 

The activity is part of the effort by the State Ministry of Health to improve RMNCAH+N in Kano State. Some of the key findings from the revealed that most of the Healthcare Workers in the State cannot treat Childhood Illnesses as such there is a need for training and mentoring visits to improve the capacity of Health Workers. 

As a follow up the RMNCAH+N TWG developed a schedule for mentoring some of the Health Workers in some of the primary and secondary facilities across the State. MWAN PAS Project Director actively participated in the activity and mentored 6 health workers in three general hospitals in Danbatta, Gezawa, and Minjibir LGAs. the following issues were identified during the visit to the three-general hospital in the state by the MWAN-PAS project director, Absent of HMIS registers in all the three health facilities mentored, lack of Step-down training by the IMCI trained Health Workers and Staff trained for IMCI are not posted to the suited pediatric.