Why do You need this fellowship? – Innocent Chukwuma Social Impact Chair and Fellowship (ICSICF)

Source: https://icsi.lbs.edu.ng/why-do-you-need-this-fellowship/

Innocent was dedicated to supporting young people, and his work imbibed the principles of anti-colonial, racial justice, and feminist principles. He believed in supporting the next generation of young leaders and worked closely with many young leaders to enable the growth and development of their work. Having begun his career as a young activist himself, Innocent understood the struggles of young leaders and believed that they were integral to the development and political stability of Nigeria.

As an affirmation of Innocent’s efforts, several studies have shown that to develop, West Africa needs to invest in its bulging number of youths below the age of 30 who constitute a significant proportion of the region’s population.

The Fellowship Experience

The Fellowship will provide support (technical assistance and sub-grants) and unique learning opportunities for young Nigerians. The fellowship engagements will be built around three key disciplines:

  • Management – Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofits
  • Public Policy and Governance – Law, Criminal Justice Administration, Policing and Security Sector Reforms
  • Impact Investing and International

The Fellowship will be a 6 Months Immersive Experience, involving:

Youth Fellows Training – This will be the first phase of the fellowship and will focus on capacity building through relevant seminars and short courses in the 1st and 2nd months.

Youth Fellows Initiative Accelerator – This will be the 2nd phase of the fellowship and will involve project acceleration through the provision of sub-grants, peer-to-peer engagement, and mentorship in the 3rd to 5th months.

Youth Fellowship Knowledge Sharing Engagements – This will be the closing phase of the fellowship and will involve the youth fellows leading conference engagements to drive dialogue and knowledge sharing. This is also to connect them to the larger social impact and impact investments community.

Innocent Chukwuma Youth Fellows will:

  • Engage in online and in-person capacity building sessions
  • Meet mentors and benefit from specialized advisory sessions
  • Receive sub-grants to support their impact projects
  • Convey social impact-focused dialogue forums