Partnership for Advancing Women in Economic Development

In the media

20/10/2019Independent (PAWED)NCWS,Others To Honour Female Ministers, Legislators
12/05/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)We’ll End Gender-Based Violence, Minister Says
05/06/2021ITV (PAWED)NIPSS ENGAGEMENT WITH EDO-BEST ON ITV-EDOBEST (NIPSS SEC 43 Commends programe, Ask other to emulate)
27/06/2021Golden News (PAWED)‘More Women need to be empowered to boost Nigeria’s economy’- Prof. Kuta Yahaya
27/06/2021Eagle Online (PAWED)More women need to be empowered to boost economy — Prof. Kuta
27/06/2021NTA (PAWED)NTA’s Media Coverage of WEE Coalition report from Niger State 26th-27th June 2021
27/07/2021Daily Nigeria (PAWED)dPRC organizes workshop on women economic empowerment in Lagos
27/07/2021News Digest (PAWED)Capacity Building Workshop on Women’s Economic Empowerment
27/07/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)Government policies fail to address women’s economic empowerment needs – dRPC
29/07/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)‘Why More Women Roles Key For Economy’
29/07/2021TVC News (PAWED)Group Advocates Increased Support For Women Led Businesses
09/08/2021AIT (PAWED)9TH AUG 2021 WEC-Labour Minister Assures Women inclusion in key sectors
09/08/2021NTA (PAWED)9th Aug 2021-Constitutional Review-FG Assures women of meaningful recognition
09/08/2021NewsDigest (PAWED)FG working to ensure constitutional recognition for women economic empowerment- Keyamo
10/08/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)Constitutional review to recognise women financial inclusion – Minister
10/08/2021The Summit (PAWED)Live Up To Your Agreement With Workers, Festus Keyamo Urges FG
12/08/2021The Guardian (PAWED)Keyamo urges political parties to reserve exclusive seats for women
13/08/2021Punch (PAWED)FG urges political parties to support women in politics
17/08/2021NewsDigest (PAWED)FG introduces tracker to monitor implementation of projects- Minister
17/08/2021NTA (PAWED)NTA 17th Aug 2021 NIPSS-FG to develop web application to track funds
18/08/2021AIT (PAWED)WEE-Forum calls for proper monitoring & evaluation of programmes
18/08/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)FG to deploy trackers to monitor projects – Minister
18/08/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)FG To Introduce Tools For Monitoring Projects Implementation
18/08/2021Punch (PAWED)FG to monitor, evaluate projects with tracker
22/08/2021The Guardian (PAWED)FG moves to strengthen projects tracking, monitoring systems
26/08/2021Independent (PAWED)An Empowered Woman Can Fight Banditary, HIV Spread – Pauline Tallen
28/08/2021Daily Post (PAWED)Women empowerment panacea for Nigeria’s problems – Pauline Tallen
29/08/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)Women Education, empowerment will curb insurgency-Tallen
29/08/2021AIT (PAWED)WEE-Experts wants FG to give desired priority
21/09/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)Ministry, NIPSS, dRPC to track budget on women empowerment
22/09/2021Business Day (PAWED)FG, CSOs inaugurate technical group to monitor economic intervention for women
22/09/2021NTA (PAWED)NTA News-NIPSS-FMoF-inauguration of M& E technical working group for WEE
22/09/2021AIT (PAWED)AIT News: FG CSOs inaugurate technical group to monitor economic intervention for women
22/09/2021The Nation (PAWED)Govt to track projects’ implementation
22/09/2021Vaiety News (PAWED)NIPSS, dRPC, Finance ministry to monitor  women’s economic empowerment  intervention programmes
21/10/2021NTA (PAWED)NTA Coverage-Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and partners retreat
24/10/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)FG Reiterates Commitment To Gender Equality, Women Empowerment – Minister
28/10/2021NTA (PAWED)NTA News Coverage on MINILS-PAWED Training in Kwara State
29/10/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)2022 budget: CSOs want more allocation for women
30/10/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)2022 Budget: CSOs Demand More Allocation For Women
30/10/2021NTA (PAWED)Women Economic Empowerment – Key players call for improvement in investment, data gathering
30/10/2021AIT (PAWED)Women Economic Empowerment – Key players call for improvement in investment, data gathering
31/10/2021The Nation (PAWED)Institute, others urge Kwara to make provision for women in 2022 budget
09/11/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)PAWED, LAPO Train 35 Heads Of Edo Women’s Cooperatives
11/11/2021ThisDay (PAWED)Groups Train 35 Women Leaders of Cooperatives
22/11/2021AIT (PAWED)Covid & the Economy-Women told to maximize opportunities created by pandemic
30/11/2021NTA (PAWED)Women Empowerment – NCWD trains more women on leadership & entrepreneurship
30/11/2021AIT (PAWED)Women Empowerment – NCWD trains more women on leadership & entrepreneurship
01/12/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)‘Only 2% of women work in Nigeria’s formal sector’
02/12/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)Women Groups Demand More Economic Programmes From Government
03/12/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)Women to FG: Implement Executive Order 5 on procurement
04/12/2021Arise News (PAWED)Women Economic Empowerment – Entrepreneurs want more empowerment
14/12/2021AIT (PAWED)Economic Empowerment Programs-Women told to monitor interventions geared towards them
14/12/202121st Century Chronicle (PAWED)How council on SMEs will spur economic growth, reduces insecurity – SMEDAN boss
15/12/2021The Nation (PAWED)10 ministries get N47b for women projects
16/12/2021My School News (Education)Insecurity: As Gov’ts, Communities Strategizes To Make School Safe
18/12/2021AIT (PAWED)Edo Women Empowerment-CSOs ask for more policies, programs for females
18/12/2021Daily Trust (PAWED)The Partnership for Women and Economic Development (PAWED) has charged the Edo State Government to increase funding for women’s economic empowerment in the state
01/02/2022AIT (PAWED)Women in export-Groups want involvement in promotion
02/02/2022AIT (PAWED)Improving cashew export-FG told to implement policies to include women’s access
18/02/2022Daily Trust (PAWED)PAWED Tasks Edo Gov’t On Women Empowerment
22/02/2022Business Day (PAWED)Edo earmarks 60% of N2bn MSMEs fund to women empowerment
22/02/2022Premium Times (PAWED)Policymakers, CSOs, others discuss women’s economic empowerment in Edo
23/02/2022Afemai (PAWED)‘Why Edo Is Prioritising Women’s Economic Empowerment’
23/02/2022AIT (PAWED) Edo Women Empowerment-State Government, NGOs dialogue to upgrade women
23/02/2022This Day (PAWED)Obaseki’s Administration Prioritising Women Economic Empowerment, Says Edo First Lady
23/02/2022The Nation (PAWED)‘Why Edo is prioritising women’s economic empowerment’
23/02/2022Punch (PAWED)Edo govt committed to women empowerment – First Lady
25/02/2022AIT (PAWED)Economic Empowerment-FG, AfDB, ECOWAS to empower 50 million Nigerian women
28/02/2022The Guardian (PAWED)Group tasks FG on economic plans for women, youths
03/03/2022AIT (PAWED)Climate change-FG, CSOs train women farmers on tackling deforestation
08/03/2022Choice Reporters (PAWED)Issa Aremu Urges President Buhari,  Governors To Support Gender Bills
08/03/2022The Reporters (PAWED)Issa Aremu Rallies Support For Women’s Cause
10/03/2022Nigerian Post (PAWED)Issa Aremu rallies support for Women’s Cause, urges President Buhari, Osinbajo and governors to support bills
10/03/2022News Diary (PAWED)‘Organize, don’t agonize’, Aremu hails women’s struggle against barriers for inclusion
15/03/2022Premium Times (PAWED)CSOs advocate more involvement of women in Nigeria’s economic development
15/03/2022Premium Times (PAWED)PAWED, others discuss women involvement in economic development (LIVE UPDATE)
08/04/2022Independent (PAWED)Empowerment Of Women Will Impact Positively On Nation’s Economy – Ndanusa
11/04/2022120 Edge News (PAWED)30 Journalists trained on reporting Women Economic Empowerment for National Development
12/04/2022AIT News (PAWED)AIT News: WEE-Trade Minister, Coalition synergize to improve systems and opportunities
18/04/2022News Agency of Nigeria (PAWED)Increased funding of women panacea to climate change, environmental degradation
20/05/2022Daily Trust (PAWED)Women Decry Mining Activities In Benue Community
01/06/2022Vanguard (PAWED)NAWIA honours nine female LG Chairmen-elect in Benue, charge them on women empowerment
02/06/2022Independent (PAWED)NAWIA Challenges Female Chairmen-Elect In Benue On Women Empowerment
23/06/2022AIT News (PAWED)Economic Development-Group trains women on advocacy communication to improve gender equality
27/06/2022Premium Times (PAWED)CFAN, dRPC to hold symposium on sustaining women’s economic cooperatives in Nigeria
28/06/2022AIT News (PAWED)Women Cooperatives-Forum tasks govt, private sectors to explore model, review policy
28/06/2022Premium Times (PAWED)Global Cooperative Day: CFAN, dRPC hold symposium in Abuja (LIVE UPDATES)
29/06/2022ABC News (PAWED)Global cooperative day: dRPC, PAWED, others hold national-symposium
29/06/2022The Nation (PAWED)Cooperatives generate $2.98tr yearly
29/06/2022Trust TV News (PAWED)Cooperatives financing-Harnessing benefits to drive economic development
27/07/2022Trust TV News (PAWED)Agricultural gender policy-MDAs urged to empower women to boost food security, economy
12/08/2022AIT News (PAWED)Women Economic Development-Forum wants more advocacy, communications to increase participation in energy industry
12/08/2022Trust TV News (PAWED)Gender mainstreaming-Policy makers urged to integrate women’s economic development
28/09/2022NTA (PAWED)Women’s Economic Empowerment-Experts discuss about the importance of data
28/09/2022Trust TV (PAWED)Women-Youth Employment-Development partners strengthen skills in strategic leadership
29/09/2022AIT News (PAWED)Women Economic Empowerment-Forum to enhance capacity in strategic planning, grant application–z9g
29/09/2022Trust TV (PAWED)National Economic Council-Participants call for collaborative approach to empowerment
01/10/2022Daily Trust (PAWED)It’s Unfortunate Women Still Suffer Financial Exclusion In Nigeria – AWITA
02/10/2022Daily Trust (PAWED)DRPC Hosts Capacity Training For Women In Business
27/10/2022Trust TV (PAWED/SafeSchool)Girl Child Development: Gender advocates demand safer school to curb early marriage
29/10/2022The Nation (PAWED)Women advised not to sell their votes
09/11/2022AIT News (PAWED)2023 Budget-Nigerian women call for increase allocation for economy-related activities
09/11/2022120Edge News (PAWED)NCWS decries drop in Women Economic Empowerment budget from N108 billion to N58 billion
10/11/2022Guardian (PAWED)Despite Buhari’s assurances, 2023 proposed budget undermines women, group decries
10/11/2022The Insight (PAWED)Women lament 56% reduction in 2023 budget for WEE
10/11/2022Trust TV (PAWED)Trust TV News: NCWS press conference on propose WEE budget
10/11/2022Trust TV(PAWED)Trust TV News: NCWS press conference on propose WEE budget
10/11/2022The Insight (PAWED)Women lament 56% reduction in 2023 budget for WEE
12/11/2022The Nation (PAWED)NCWS decries drop in budgetary allocation from N103b to N58b
16/11/2022Daily Trust (PAWED)Women Center Organises Capacity Training For 115 Female Artisans
17/11/2022The News Chronicle (PAWED)United Kingdom contributes $100 million to women-owned businesses in Nigeria
18/11/2022NTA (PAWED)NCWD empowers 115 women, girls with skills in male dominated fields
18/11/2022The Guardian (PAWED)Stakeholders push for increased financial inclusion for vulnerable groups